Block-Printed Wallpaper

Victoria and Albert Museum kisfilmjeiből (2):
William Morris tapétája (1874) 30 különböző nyomóformából, 15 színnel nyomva. Ezt a folyamatot nézhetjük meg. Száradással együtt 4 hétig tart kinyomni.

- In 1874 William Morris produced this wallpaper design for block-printing
- 30 different blocks were used to print each roll
- Some of these blocks are still used today
- The pattern consists of 15 colours
- Each one is mixed to a recipe
- Every colour must match Morris' original
- The ink is painted onto a pad
- The first block is inked and pressed onto the paper
- Just the right amount of pressure is applied
- Pins line up the block with the previous section
- The first colour is left to dry
- A new block is used for the next stage
- The second colour is printed over the first
- The third is printed over the second
- Gradually, Morris' pattern starts to emerge
- This can take up to 4 weeks using all 30 blocks
- The finished wallpaper is inspected
- Any faults are corrected
- This is just one of around 50 wallpaper designs by William Morris

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