A Victoria and Albert Museum kisfilmjeiből:
A nyomtatott könyv - aki még vagy már nem látta, hogy hogyan készült a kézzel szedett, kézzel nyomtatott könyv, az feltétlenül nézze meg ezt a rövidfilmet.

- At the printers
- Metal letters are arranged into words and lines
- Eight pages of type are prepared for printing
- Sticky ink is rubbed evenly onto the type
- Paper is then pressed onto the inked type
- At the binders
- The printed sheets are folded and cut
- The folds are hammered flat
- The folded sheets are sewn onto bands
- The spine is rounded
- Cover-boards are attached to glued bands
- The book is clamped tightly
- The page edges are then trimmed
- Endbands protect the top and bottom of the spine
- A leather cover is stuck over the boards
- Decoration is added using hot metal tools

Film 1: A Printed Book

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